Creating a simple moved page for obsoleted site in a couple minutes using Next.js

So, quite a while back I moved on from my first domain ( to something more tailored for the app (, but neglected to sunset the old page. There was still some traffic and old links pointing there and I didn't want those people to just land on some random site.

My first solution was to have both domains build from the same git repo. While technically this works fine, it does feel... weird. There's also the problem of duplicate content which may not jive well with all the rules of the SEO tango.

I've been using Next.js for a while and I really like it so I wanted to do this with that too.

Creating a site from scratch was really easy.

  1. Run yarn create next-app to create the basic site.
  2. Run yarn dev in appropriate directory to run on your local machine.
  3. Check it out in the browser (localhost:3000), delete all unnecessary content and modify to your liking in the index.js.
  4. BONUS: Create a 404.js file in the pages directory with the same (or different) content as you put in index.js. This will ensure that no matter which subpath your traffic ends up on, they'll see your move notification.

If you like, feel free to use my repo as a starting point, although, it does only include the change above plus removing some other unnecessary stuff (the sample API):

You can check out the resulting page at