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I am Jack’s fruitless aspiration

I am Jack’s fruitless aspiration

Three Things You Didn't Know Could Be So Easy On Your Mac

Three Things You Didn't Know Could Be So Easy On Your Mac

Three is a small number that promises a short story. So, I'll dive right in.

1. Check the weather anywhere quickly and easily

You don't even need an app for it!

I can't believe I didn't know this before today, but Spotlight actually has integrated weather support. So, simply:

  1. Cmd+Space to bring up Spotlight
  2. Type in "weather New York" or wherever you are and enter to see expanded results.

London, CA.png

2. Capture un-selectable text anywhere on your display

With the free handy little app OwlOCR, this daily need becomes a breeze.

  1. Press Cmd+F1 to start the area selection.
  2. Select the area on-screen.
  3. Near instantaneously the text is in your clipboard to paste into any app or purpose.


3. Change display resolutions without diving into the settings

EasyRes is a free app that makes this super-easy from your menubar - toggling both the internal display and external displays.

1920 x 1200 (2x).png

Hope these help, please share your daily productivity shortcuts in the comments!

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